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We are helping brands by

Offering end-to-end creative, research and marketing solutions
for the NEW URBAN™ marketplace.

Speak to the most powerful consumer group in the world now- and for the next 25 years.

Understand the new opportunity, to reach the total addressable market .

Understand the values and emotions that build trust and loyalty with consumers searching for authenticity.

Connect with brand ambassadors and scalable audiences.


“UI has tapped into something more powerful than money can buy – culture. You can’t buy your way into popular culture ( unless you hire UI ). The present and future of marketing is Uni. Many colors – one mindset – the future is Uni”
– Jon Bond
Advertising Executive, Author & Entrepreneur Chief Tomorroist, Tomorrow, LLC


We help brands to navigate the new digital economy by creating content that lives beyond the 60 second commercial. Our content team authentically live and breathe the New Urban values. 


The new trendsetters are real people like your customers and not just celebrities. We can deliver over 15,000 Influencers with 1 billion impressions daily.


Our brand and events team live the New Urban lifestyle and sensibility everyday, with a strong connection
to music, sports, fashion, food, and technology. 


We know the New Urban DNA.
We can tell you who they are, and why they make the decisions they do-and what your equity is and how Love Worthy you are.

Urban Icon®On Great Brand Storytelling

Brands without a storytelling model are merely message making.

Many brands today send out hundreds of messages annually that are not tied together into any cohesive story that differentiates the brand long term. Uncoordinated message making results in brand schizophrenia or mixed messages with (positive and negative) meanings. Brand schizophrenia hampers consistency and salience and makes it difficult to break-through the noise level with memorable brand positioning.

When brand storytelling works an emotional response is triggered in the audience.

There is a desperate need for real stories in the world today. People want to experience and feel magic moments as they go through their way in life. The brand storytelling challenge is to find new ways to express the emotions that the audience wants to feel or in some way already feels. URBAN ICON© is an expert at reading and understanding the positive side of urban youth culture and entertainment. We know how to curate, glorify and amplify the ‘good side’ of urban culture and attach that coolness to your brand

The art of advanced brand development has to do with attaching unique, strong and relevant associations and stories to your brand. Partnering with URBAN ICON© Brand Studio provides you with expert guidance, on-point strategy and brilliant creative to help you achieve that goal.

The New Urban
Are mostly Millennials that transcend ethnic,

social and geographic boundaries, and are true global citizens.
Huge in numbers, influence and buying power,
they are creating a revolutionary shift
in lifestyle and consumer culture.


If Hip Hop culture fueled the global economy $1 trillion, then the New Urban™$10 trillion.

Our Capabilities

+ Strategic Brand Consulting
Our foundational strategic process, we’ll help you develop big, powerful insights that are unique to your brand’s urban consumer culture.

+ Branded Videos
From initial concept, script and storyboard development, to talent sourcing and production, we’ll help you create killer content that will resonate with the NEW URBAN consumer.

+ Celebrity Brand Management
If you’re a celebrity looking to take your personal brand to the next level, we’ll help you extend your character equity through innovative cultural programs and partnership strategies.

+ Event Design
We’ll help your brand establish authentic, memorable, real-world connections to consumers by creating and managing culturally-vibrant event programming.

+ Transmedia Advertising
We produce advertising that gets noticed and talked about for brand campaigns across traditional and digital media.

+ Social Initiatives & Campaign Development
We’ll make your brand part of the social conversation with innovative social media programming and campaign management.

+ Digital Content Creation
We’ll extend your brand experience to the digital world with stand-out website, mobile and tablet experiences.

+ Talent Sourcing & Equity Matching
We’ll find the most iconic and fitting talent to tell your brand story with our growing network of musicians, artists, actors, and more.

+ Product Development & Design
And, yes we’ll even help you to merchandize your brand too, creating cool products from concept and development to distribution and launch.

Let’s Talk

Whether you are evaluating a new marketing direction or launching a new brand, we can help. We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals, compare them to New Urban™ sensibilities and create a story that resonates with your optimum audience—heart and soul.

Urban Icon® is a Creative and Innovation Lab and is a trusted advisor for Iconic Brands, Media and Entertainment Companies, Global Movements, Emerging Industries, and Cool Start-Up Companies

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