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Our Process & SERVICES


    In addition to our own social and cultural equity mapping process, we use the ValueCentered™ method developed by our partner, Strategic Vision, that explains and predicts the impact of emotions on the decision making process.


    Acting on these truths, we create unique and powerful ideas that transcend the noise and connect them with consumers on a more meaningful level. We call this Finding the Soul.


    From in-house expertise and celebrity connections, to technology and co-branding partners, we find the right people with the right talents to develop the creative content or consumer services you need.


    From the strategic to the tactical, we track all initiatives and synthesize our findings into program impact reports and future recommendations.


    One of our guiding philosophies is Together We Win. So whether we’re working with one client, twenty clients, or multiple agency partners, we’re always focused on client relationship and producing work that meets the highest creative standards. We always perform our services with the end goal firmly in mind.

Strategic Brand Consulting

Our foundational strategic process, we’ll help you develop big, powerful insights that are unique to your brand’s urban consumer culture.
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Transmedia Advertising

We produce advertising that gets noticed and talked about for brand campaigns across traditional and digital media.
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Celebrity Brand Management

If you’re a celebrity looking to take your personal brand to the next level, we’ll help you extend your character equity through innovative cultural programs and partnership strategies.
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Event Design

We’ll help your brand create authentic, memorable, real-world connections to consumers by creating and managing culturally-vibrant event programming.
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Branded Videos

From initial concept, script and storyboard development, to talent sourcing and production, we’ll help you create killer content  that will resonate with the Urban consumer.
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Social Initiatives & Campaign Development

We’ll make your brand part of the social conversation with innovative social media programming and campaign management.
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Digital Content Creation

We’ll extend your brand experience to the digital world with stand-out website, mobile and tablet experiences.
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Talent Sourcing & Equity Matching

We’ll find the most iconic and fitting talent to tell your brand story with our growing network of musicians, artists, actors, and more.
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Product Development & Design

And yes we’ll even help you to merchandize your brand too Creating cool products from concept and development to distribution and launch.
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We understand this audience in ways that traditional marketing groups cannot. We know what messages, products, values, emotions & images they identify with. They are more than just Millennials, they are the NEW URBAN™- the new general marketplace.

Tech Savvy
Taste Savvy
Trend Savvy
  • They are under 35.
  • They are tech, taste and trend savvy.
  • They are creators of social change.
  • They transcend racial and economic boundaries.
  • They seek to find things that are socially salient, personally relevant and emotionally resonant. And they realize they don’t have to sacrifice one to achieve the other.

Lets Talk!

Whether you are evaluating a new marketing direction or launching a new brand, we can help. We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals, compare them to New Urban sensibilities and create a story that resonates with your optimum audience— Heart & Soul

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Urban Icon is located in the heart of Hollywood and we maintain heart-felt connections in London, Paris, Tokyo, Melbourne and Seoul.

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