The Genesis of the New Urban™

The Genesis of the New Urban™

A topical interview between: Jerome Conlon & Tyrone Davis

The times they are changing. New technologies, media forms, entertainment formats, brand and consumer relationships have taken the world by storm since the late 1990’s. The issue of healthcare and how we view foods choices today, with all the facts surrounding food toxicity and health impacts so easily searchable on the internet … these are just two industries being completely transformed in these changing times by how easy access to new information are changing people’s awareness, tastes, choices and brand preferences.

Tyrone Davis is the founder of a new media platform that addresses this global marketplace values shift. His company, Urban Icon, is focused on reaching a ‘New Urban Consumer’ driven by a new set of values, with a style of news and entertainment programming that is more insightful, uplifting and inspirational than traditional media channels. In this interview you’ll get the story behind the creation of Urban Icon and insight into the new set of human values that are driving it.

Jerome Conlon (JC): Tyrone so let’s get this interview started by thinking about the end first. As it relates to the new digital media platform that you’ve created. Urban Icon … as more and more people come to it and spend some time on it, what is it that you are hoping they will experience and take away?

Tyrone Davis (TD): So I think just as people look deeper into how their diet affects their health, and then how they decide to move away from less healthy diets to more plant based and natural foods, which is a big trend in the marketplace, I think this same phenomenon is happening in the world of education, entertainment and media. So what I hope to accomplish with Urban Icon is for people to see that this better for you movement is really a marketplace shift that is so expansive and epic that brands and corporations and even the government operating in a business as usual way are going to be left behind.

Instead of accepting the programming of media stories with fear and hate or producing foods that are toxic and unhealthy … people are figuring out how to move around that. People everywhere are looking for what is healthy and what will help them on their personal life journeys. After basic needs are met they are looking for love, significance and meaning and I think there’s a marketplace forming around those things that are more life enhancing, it’s a global marketplace.

This new marketplace is more led by values and what people are craving on the inside of their experience. People I believe are driven by the need to feel more alive. Jerome we’ve been talking about this since 2003. The same thing is true now as was true then. For fourteen years we’ve been watching this trend culminate into how people are feeling now as manifest in the recent election results. The divide in the country and the epic situation around nuclear arms, there’s so much tension and hate going around right now that people don’t know what to do. It’s very difficult for people to function in this kind of environment. The younger generation is waiting for someone to come along and show how the news, entertainment and basic script driving society can be reprogrammed with more positive energy … so that they can have the kind of lives that we had growing up. The youth of today know that they’re not going to be as well supported and protected in terms of career opportunities with where things are headed right now.

So today, I believe that everything is led by the marketplace, everything. The mall, riding down the street, seeing billboards, everything is marketplace. So if we are actually programmed by what it is we hear and see and fear is what is being used to program us, then that’s what is happening. Billions of people are walking around in fear.

We can change that with the New Urban culture marketplace opportunity. From a business perspective if you are a marketer or advertiser there is a total market solution that is forming around this concept. If you understand the attributes of this emerging new urban marketplace then you can lift your brand and business.