Our Big Tools


Business is now in the best position of any institution to move society in a constructive direction. Urban Icon helps brands grow their triple bottom line by building captivating CSR programs around our Social Engagement Engine (SEE) and global movements to do good.


Our team is led by an award-winning film and advertising Producer. We help brands create experiential and immersive content driving customer engagement and interaction.


Because of our unique access to global influencers, urban markets, nightlife, social media, digital content, automotive, AR, VR, the biggest global brands, and the highest levels of entertainment-media, we are positioned to partner with major brands to create live experiences (i.e. festivals, pop-ups, concerts and conferences).

Our Capabilities

  • INNOVATIVE CONSULTING We combine our Core Competencies, data, and insights on the New Urban to help brands solve any creative and business problem.
  • INFLUENCER/BRAND AMBASSADOR PROGRAM We have access to over 15,000 Influencers across all social media platforms. We can match-make and design scalable campaigns.
  • BRANDING AND CONTENT CREATION We have developed a strong process to position any product. We start with the voice, message, image and positioning. Our insights of the New Urban audience give our clients a head start from their competitors. This includes social and video campaigns.
  • LIVE EXPERIENCES Our executive team has strong ties to live concerts, festivals, sports, and global initiatives. UI has deep insights into the New Urban lifestyle and cultural relevancies.
  • BUSINESS INCUBATION We hit the ground running with the most interesting ideas, led by entrepreneurs with cool visions. If they can’t pay us, we might take equity instead and help them grow.
  • CELEBRITY BRAND MANAGEMENT If you’re a celebrity looking to take your personal brand to the next level, we’ll help you extend your character equity through innovative cultural programs and partnership strategies.
  • OUT OF THE BOX We can help any brand design or curate a subscription box that will ultimately build brand loyalty.

More Services:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Search & Social Ads
  • Display Advertising
  • Transmedia Advertising
  • Video Ads & Marketing (Viral Videos)
  • Creative & Design Services
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Communities & Reviews
  • Events & Webinar - Design and Execution
  • Consumer Experience - Voice - Insights
  • New Urban Consumer Experience
  • Loyalty & Gamification
  • Personalization Testing & Optimization
  • Marketing Apps
  • API’s
  • Branded Content Creation - Transmedia
  • Sales Enablement
  • Web & Mobile Analytics
  • Brand & Business Intelligence
  • Mobile App Development
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Environment Analysis
  • Product Placement
  • E-Commerce Services
  • Marketing & Data Analytics
  • Agile Project Management
  • Strategic Brand Development Consulting
  • Personal Brand Development & Consulting
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Product Design
  • Entertainment Production & Programming


A Social Engagement Engine (SEE) that drives customer interaction, increases retention and sales, while doing good.

The platform connects to:


Karmafy’s B2B solution improves the triple bottom line, by creating a better experience for consumers.

Users are given Karma Points based upon their participation, sharing and purchases.

Dynamic gamification technology tracks the social good footprint of users and turns everyday actions into rewards.

Karmafy has been trialed with over 250K players and over 500K users across e-commerce, music, and mobile games.

Cultural Resonance Monitor


Urban Icon’s research and tracking study will provide brands and corporations with the necessary intelligence into the lifestyle of the New Urban™ consumer.

The CRM looks at products, media, behaviors and values- and equally, who and what matters most in the New Urban™ lifestyle, their goals, values, music choices, travel, aspirations, health and fitness and various other lifestyle areas.

The first study tapped 4,500 ethnically diverse individuals from urban centers around the US and UK, all leaders in their lifestyle, product and brand choices.

We scanned what is salient, relevant and resonant in entertainment, lifestyle and culture –uncovering and reestablishing the general marketplace.


  • Reduces a company’s sales and profit volatility through in-depth research.
  • Tracks cultural trends with our quarterly updated report.
  • Is research with feelings.

It identifies and sounds out the most important artifacts in consumers’ lives.

It indicates key products’ strengths and weaknesses.

It benchmarks brands’ strengths and weaknesses.

It determines hierarchy of importance factors.

It measures National + International (US & UK) trends + differences.

Utilize Our Brand Ambassadors


We have curated over 15K+ brand ambassadors that live and actively represent the GOOD + COOL lifestyle through music, fashion, food, tech, entertainment, sports, travel, and more.


Access to 15K+ Influencers instantly to create + execute any kind of marketing or advertising campaign.


Reach the right audience with a controlled message to opt-in followers that are already listening.


Technology that allows us to predict performance, audience, reaction, and reach in advance.