We are a hybrid agency birthed during the revolutionary shift in lifestyle and culture.
We are leading the conversation on the New Urban, the most powerful and influential consumer segment in history.

The Company was birthed in Los Angeles, CA with connections in every urban center around the world. Our management team has over 50 years combined experience in the creative services and business development areas of Silicon Valley Tech, Sports, New Media & Lifestyle.

We are the authority in helping brands understand the values, attitudes and emotions of the New Urban, and what’s salient, resonant, relevant in the populist world.

Urban Icon is the trusted advisor for:

  • Iconic Brands
  • Cool Startups
  • Tourism
  • Global Movements
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Emerging Industries

Our starting point is to find + promote the core competencies inside brands, to help them achieve the right voice, message, image and positioning in the marketplace.

We help Brands:

  • Sound out the Zeitgeist of the marketplace.
  • Increase brand vitality by speaking in the current idiom of culture.
  • Amplify the GOOD + COOL in everything they do.
  • Connect brands to what is salient, resonant and relevant in lifestyle, entertainment and media.

Our Approach Combines the Company’s Core Competencies

UI has tapped into something more powerful than money can buy –culture.
You can’t buy your way into popular culture (unless you hire UI). The present and future of marketing is “Uni” (one). Many colors - one mindset - the future is Uni.

- Jon Bond Advertising Executive, Author & Entrepreneur Chief Tomorroist, Tomorro, LLC.

Culture is the New Technology

For the past twenty-five years, technology has played a defining role in disrupting business models in every consumer segment. Now, we see a new disruptor, delivering a marketplace driven by the New Urban™ lifestyle.

Over the Next Twenty-Five Years…

This transformation will not be driven by the intrinsic quality of the product alone, but by the tastes, preferences, and mindset of the New Urban™ consumer.


Tyrone Davis

Mr. Davis launched Urban Icon in 2014 with an eye toward the most powerful psychographic in history, offering brands a connection to the most dominant and influential consumer for the next 2 decades. Naming this audience The New Urban™, Tyrone has created a pathway for brands to communicate with this highly influential demographic. Tyrone’s specialties include business development, branding & marketing, and community development. Raised in Silicon Valley, Tyrone has always been identified as a thought leader, early adopter and a futurist. Prior to launching Urban Icon®; Tyrone Davis was the CEO of the One Agency and a consultant for The Water Initiative working with Quincy Jones and the founder of SOBE. Tyrone’s entertainment experience saw him tour the world with MC Hammer as an artist and a manager, work with Raymone Bain (Michael Jackson’s manager) and Salt-N-Pepa. That experience, also, extends to major brands and sports including Nike, Floyd Mayweather and The Portland Trailblazers. Always looking to connect with The New Urban™, Tyrone is adjunct professor at Portland State University and Hult University London.

Stewart Bain

Scottish born Stewart Bain brings over 25 years of global business development & commercial experience in the travel, tourism, hospitality, sports & lifestyle industries, holding positions in Europe, Asia Pacific & the USA. Stewart’s global experience, encompass strategic sales & marketing, sponsorship & commercial development, and brand architecture, has seen him regarded as one of the great ‘business connectors’. His executive career began with global roles with InterContinental Hotels & Resorts,moving onto building business interests with Formula 1 driver & fellow country-man David Coulthard in Monaco. Following a successful role with Chelsea Football Club for owner Roman Abramovich, Stewart helped build A1GP World Cup of Motorsport from 2006 and its expansion, until being headhunted to launch the global lifestyle watch brand – TW Steel. He was responsible for TW Steel’s global footprint & commercialization around the world with partnerships in F1, MotoGP & the entertainment industry for the last 6 years. His work & experience has seen him work with companies & brands such as Redbull, Yamaha, Dubai Airports, Heineken, GoDaddy, AMG/Mercedes Benz, Lotus, Renault, American Express, Ferrari among many others across all industry sectors.

Rock Jacobs

Rock Jacobs has over 15 years in the entertainment industry. Rock was honored with a Stellar Award in 2017 for his creative vision. His work has reached over 1 billion views online. Rock has worked with MTV, Vh1, Universal Music Group, Warner Music, Virgin Records, Sony Music and more. He has produced and directed: The Vamps, Marilyn Manson, Lil Wayne, Kirk Franklin, Wale, J- Cole, Skrillex, De La Soul, Big Boi from Outkast, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Killer Mike from Run the Jewels, Ludacris, Ice Cube and many more. He has produced and directed commercials all over the world for brands such as Expedia, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, McDonalds, TopGolf, Barton Perreira, Scorpion, and more.


Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision is the Founder and Leader of ValueCentered™ Psychology and has over 40 years of worldwide experience in developing tools to measure decision making, human behavior, attitudes, and perceptions. Its globally relevant, comprehensive theory of human behavior creates the most effective strategies addressing decision-making in product development and communications in the widest variety of fields, including automotive, customer service, government and politics, medicine and healthcare, organizational and jury, travel and leisure, food and beverages, and education. Strategic Vision’s proprietary data and methodologies will be used to enhance how the Cultural Resonance Monitor works so that it produces more accurate results and deeper insights.


Karmafy is a Social Engagement Engine (SEE) that drives customer interaction, increases retention and sales, while doing good. The platform connects to e-commerce, gaming, content channels, apps and CSR Programs. The Karmafy platform is revolutionizing the future of philanthropy by creating the ultimate love triangle for companies, consumers and good causes. Karmafy has been trialed with over 250,000 players and over 500,000 users across e-commerce, music and mobile games. Ultimately, Karmafy will turn billions of consumers into givers.

Hult International Business School

Hult is “The Global Business School” that educates, inspires, and connects some of the most forward-thinking business talent from around the world. Located in San Francisco, Boston, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York, Hult’s award-winning programs enable students to study across multiple locations and learn from internationally renowned faculty. Hult has a network of students from over 120 countries and more than 16,000 alumni working across the globe. Their strength lies in translating groundbreaking thinking into the practices that underpin Hult’s programs, to help organizations perform at the highest level and stay ahead of the game. Hult is recognized and ranked among the best business schools in the world.